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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
6:19 am
oh man...why am i doing this...procrastination is so powerful...

in 2006 have you....

had more then 4 boyfriends/girlfriends?

been in love?
hmmm...i actually dont know...

been kissed?
oh yes

been injured?
i dont think so...

had a drunken night?
basically every weekend

made new friends?
so many.

lost any friends?
unfortunately yes...not due to death...just because people change.

dated someone you thought you had no chance with?
who really dates anymore, anyway

liked a song only because it was on your boyfriends/girlfriends myspace?
hahahaha boyfriend/girlfriend? myspace? i am not involved in such things.

made a myspace?
not in 2006, no

had your birthday?
no. i did not have a birthday in 2006.

went swimming?

traveled out of state?
hahaha im from new york, go to school in michigan, and spent my summer in africa. what do you think?

read any good books?
Omnivore's Dilemna. sooooooo good.

ditched a friend?

madeout with someone just so you can make someone else jealous?
hahahaha yes

threw up from drinking?
never in my life :)

got a new pet?
i hate animals.

experienced something new?
many many things

went sledding?
it hasnt gone below like 50 degrees. fucking global warming.

been chased by a stray animal?
an elephant got away from its family and stampeded at us this summer on safari

been called a whore while walking down the street?
yea, its how my friends greet me

been in a fist fight?

been in a verbal fight?

been in a spelling bee?
i live next to the brother of the girl who starred in spelling bee on broadway...

bought something for someone?
of course

changed as a person?
no. not at all. i have remained exactly the same for a year. dumbass.

has 2006 been a good year?
i dont know...i think so...

IN 2007.....

are you graduating?

going to make a new years resolution?

going to have a drunk night?
im sure

going to have sex?
i better

going to a different school?
nope, u of m all the way

going to move?
i dont know

going to make new friends?
lets hope so

going to keep your myspace?

going anywhere special?
nicaragua and nemc. and who knows where else.

going to party it up?

will 2007 be better then 2006?
i dont know...i hope so

35 one answers

1. Where is your cell phone?

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend?

3. Your hair?:

4. Your mother?:

5. Your father?:

6. Your favorite thing?:

7. Your dream last night?:

8. Your favorite drink?:

9. Your dream car?:

10. The room you are in?:

11. Your ex?

12. Your fear?:

13. What do you want to be in 10 years?:

14. Who did you hang out with last night?:

15. What you're not?

16. Muffins?

17: One of your wish list items?:

19. The last thing you did?

20. What are you wearing?:

21. Your tv?

22. Your pet?

23. Your computer?

24. Your life?:

25. Your mood?:

27. What are you thinking about right now?

28. Your car?:

29. Your work?:

30. Summer?:

31. Your relationship status?:

32. Your favorite color?:

33. When is the last time you laughed?:

34. Last time you cried?:

35. School?:

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Tuesday, December 26th, 2006
2:37 pm
I have not written in this thing, not even logged into my account, in over a year and a half. The last time i wrote, it was beginning of summer before freshman year of college. thats rediculous. i was just reading over all my old entries...spring break of 11th grade till summer before freshman year...and i just cannot beleive how much life has changed. my life then, filled with rrs, fieldston,shabbos, danny, riverdale friends...completely different now. obviously things change when you go away to college and start a new life. but still, its startling to really see how much things change. part of me misses those days of high school. as much as i love my life at U of M, i get so nostalgic for home, that i get really excited about break. but when i am home on break, its not like i am in a rrs show, or shomer shabbos, or going to fieldston, all things i LOVED about that time in my life. im just like...existing. and i hate hate HATE just existing. i guess im happy i head back to school in a week. back to music school, the band, a capella, operas, hillel, drinking, my appartment, my friends...

what would be really cool is if i could take some like...weird cosmic tour of all the places and experiances that have shaped me. spend one week on israel, one week in africa, one week in rrs, one week at fieldston, one week in merrily, one week with danny...and then see where my life is.

i have no idea if i will ever update again. but i thought it was worth doing right now.

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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
4:06 am - Robert Cuciolli offered us beer on a rooftop...and then we were joined by the host of Trading Spaces
i seriously need to get some sleep. its 4 am and i just got home from my 9 hour bus ride back from seeing emily in sound of music in pittsburg. i am exausted and i have a voice lesson at 10 and then rehersal. but i needed to update just to state the following:

emily walton is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful, talented, wonderful, incredible, and truly special people i know. she deserves to go far in the world. and i have every confidence that she will. watching her in that show, we were sobbing at how happy and proud we were of her. we love you, emily.

oh and ps: Bob Cuciolli is the man. and so is Mark, the sexxy gay 25 year old nazi Rolf.

current mood: sleepy

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Thursday, June 9th, 2005
5:14 pm
ohhhhhhhhhh fiiiiiiive. what whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

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Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
so tonite after the senior dinner (oh man it was so sad i cried so much) i really wanted to go running, but i wasnt allowed to run so late at nigth alone, so i was calling people to go with me. no one wanted to go, but kalle wanted to go on a walk thru riverdale. so she and i met up on riverdale ave and poured vodka into our snapples and walked the streets, calling people, acting like retards, and TOTALLY risking getting raped. we then met up with david outside the skyview parking lot, and we chilled on on the pavement in the basketball courts for a while. then they walked me home, and i crept upstairs, trying to seem sober in case my parents woke up....all in all, quite a briliant nite. DRUNK RIVERDALE WALKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!

current mood: still a bit drunk...

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Monday, June 6th, 2005
7:15 pm
ok i know these survey things are stupid, but this one looks intresting:

Name 20 of your friends, randomly.

1. allison
2. jessie
3. greg
4. emily w
5. chris
6. perri
7. kristen
8. marina
9. emily p
10. eileen
11. eric
12. max
13. carly
14. ben
15. sasha
16. talya
17. zoe
18. miriam
19. charlotte
20. berger

-Who is #8 going out with? No one
-Is #9 a boy or a girl? girl
-Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple? jessie and eric? could be cute...
-How about #18 and #4? miriam and emily walton? um, no...
-What grade is #17 in? finished 12th
-When was the last time you talked to #12? saturday night
-What is #6's favorite band? perri's favorite band...i dont know, anything that darrin's dance grooves did, haha

-Does #1 have any siblings? 1 sister, dana
-Would you ever date #3? if you had asked me that in 9th grade, the answer would have been yes.
-Would you ever date #7? oh man yea!!!!!! that would be HOT!!!

-Is #16 single? yea, and she bitches about it ALL THE TIME!!! hehe i love you tali
-What's #15's last name? anemone...or is it anenome? i get mixed up
-What's #10's middle name? i dont know...do u have one, eileen?

-What's #5's favorite thing to do? be mexican

-Is #13 hot? of course, shes my sexxy band ho
-Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? grrrrrrrrr...

-What school does #20 go to? fieldston, woot woot

-Tell me a random fact about #11? greg grabbed his crotch once on my couch
-And #3? he used to have a really thick new york accent

-Have you ever had a crush on #15? haha if only...
-What's #4's favorite color? i dont know...pink? black?

-Would you make out with #14? um. wow. you definately do NOT need to ask that question...

-Are #5 & #6 best friends? lol they only met once, at prom

-Does #7 like #20? never even met...but i can tell ya one thing, if they did meet, 20 would certainly like 7!!!

-Does #8 like #19? yup, they r good friends
-How did you meet #2? RRS!
-How did you meet #18? RRS as well

-Does #9 have any pets? ummm i dont think so, unless you count willy
-Is #12 older than you? yupp, by 3 years

current mood: calm

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2:40 am - this shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
Today was one of those days where you realize that there is a reason we are all alive. Today, life was absoultuely gorgeous.
from 10 am untill 2 pm, the entire group of RRS (with the exception of a few who had prior commitements and a few who were just lazy inconsiderate assholes) convened at the Y to have the fundraising carwash. it was one of the most insanely fun things i have ever taken part in. soap and sponge fights left and right, jake dumping buckets of water on the girls, soaping down cars to hip hop music, ah it was heaven. the sun was bright and hot and beat down on us, giving us instant tans.
At 2:30 when we finished, we all headed out to lunch and then to the Skyview Pool. this pool is incredible, huge and gorgous and outdoors, with a giant patio and cold sparkling water. we played around in the water and tanned some more. by the time we went to rehersal at 6, i had gotten SO MUCH SUN, i have the craziest tan lines ever!!! it took my 6 weeks of hiking in the desert in Israel to get the kind of tan i got today!!!!!!!!!
Rehersal was fun, though not so productive. I'm a little aprehensive about the revue, especially the fact that im going to be gone in michigan the 3 days leading up to it. Plus the week before the senior revue, im going to be so insanely busy with preparations for eli's wedding.
anyway, after rehersal, allison and jessie and ariel and i went out to sushi, and then jessie and ariel came over and we watched the tonys and i went running. and now im tired, so its bedtime.

current mood: happy

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Sunday, June 5th, 2005
2:43 am - survey...
1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
2. I will then tell what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. If you were a fruit you'd be....
4. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I will tell you my first memory of you.
6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal.

current mood: calm

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
2:20 pm
just got home from prom/post-prom festivities. exausted, content, and sad that my career in high school is truly over, im off to take a nap in the sunshine. an in depth prom recap post will follow at some point.

current mood: exhausted

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Monday, May 30th, 2005
9:31 pm
there is no justice in this world.

prom is tomorrow.

i have the worst effing cramps in the history of humanity.

holy lord, kill me now.

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Friday, May 27th, 2005
3:36 am - give us room and start the clock...
do you ever suddenly have this strange feeling like something is missing in your life?
when i walked outside today, the air smelled like wet fresh summer, and my thoughts instantly travelled back to NEMC...i realize how i long for that simplicity of life...for that unnatainable lost innocence...

current mood: gloomy

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Thursday, May 26th, 2005
10:58 am - LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reasons life sucks right now:

-tuesday night i went out too get drunk and see hitchikers guide with laura and berger. the movie sucked and it was mucho mucho awkward. and drinking in movie theaters is not as fun as it sounds.
-spilled water on my phone and had to pay fucking 200 dollars to replace it. My new phone isnt nearly as good, and now im out 200 bucks.
-while going out to get the phone yesterday, i saw the perfect black clutch for prom, for only 15 dollars, but nooooooo, i had already bought an ugly-ass silver one a month ago, back when there WERE NO BLACK CLUTCHES.
-couldnt find any shoes for elis wedding, and i have my dress fitting today
-ate so much food yesterday and now i feel disgusting
-my room is such a mess i dont know what to do with myself
-i feel really strange and awkward about something going on with one of my friends right now
-i have to leave in 25 minutes for my lesson and accupuncture and dress fitting, i havent yet showered, i cant find my music, my phone hasnt been charged, and i feel like im gona throw up
-i havent gone running in 4 days
-things have gotten really bad and awkward with the one guy i like, and now he will never want me again, if he even ever did
-my voice is killing me this morning and my teacher is going to kill me.

ok, thats about it. im off to wallow in my sadness.

current mood: discontent

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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
10:55 pm - on the amazing journey, together we'll ride...
ok so that last post definately made it sound like i had a shitty weekend, which actually is not the case at all. i had quite an excellent weekend.

to recap:
thursday night i went to emily's SDF at Laguardia, Inherit the Wind. Needless to say, both it and she were amazing. Afterwards, emily, kristen, eric, allison, greg, taylor and i went to the diner and hung out until around 1 or so.

friday was COLOR WAR!!!!! it sucked tho cuz i was SO pumped, but i wound up being on the red team with a whole bunch of people i wasnt friends with, so i went home early to go running and shower and be useful in some way. I went back to school for the 3:30 performance of the studio theater series, The Last Five Years. It was breathtaking. After meeting Jessie and Allison for dinner at a thai resturant, we went to the 7:30 performance of L5Y. It was even better than the afternoon! Then jessie and i walked to her house and watched old RRS tapes, including ZOMBIE PROM!!!!!! hahahahaha...ben was such a little chubby bundle of joy, back in the day...

saturday morning it was BEAUTIFUL when i walked to shul, and i because it was Parashat Behar, my bat mitzvah parsha, i read torah and haftarah, which was nice seeing as i hardly ever do that. after shul, jonathan came over for a while. good times, good times. after he left i napped outside in the pretty sunshine while my next door neighbors had an adorable birthday party for their little boy, and the sounds of childrens laughter soothed me to sleep. then befor it got dark, i went for a long run and a nice shower.

after shabbos ended, max came over for a while and we watched my Merrily dvd (which he didnt like, stupid boy!!!) then around 11, we walked over to Jessicas house, where we were throwing an impromptu bday party for greg, seeing as her parents were out of town. we stopped on the way to pick up some smirnoff twisters, and decorated her house with streamers and balloons. It was so rediculous; when he came into the house, we had Rogers and Hammerstein show tunes blaring on the sound system, and an ice cream cake that said "happy birthday greg?" (yes, with a question mark, i dont know why.) it was a pretty silly party, which culminated in me getting WAY drunker than anyone else, cuz everyone got tired right away, but i was totally wired and drank waaaaay more than i went to, i even spiked my smirnoff with vodka. we watched napolean dynamite, and i wound up drunk dialing some people and having a couple of private mini dramas....ahh but im not gona get into that now. by the time the movie ended, everyone was like falling asleep, so we pulled out the sofa bed and got out blankets and pillows. max, jessie, greg, allison, and i all piled on that one bed, it was pretty rediculous, and flipped channels until we found some rediculous sot core porn, featuring hideously ugly ladies. it was incredible amusing. we watched that until about 5 am, and then fell asleep.

sunday: we woke up at the ungodly hour of 10 am, and spent the following 3 hours in bed watching boy meets world dvds. finally at 1:30 i walked home and went running and showered and took a much needed nap befor a made a big salad and headed over to clare's appartment with it for the senior theater dinner which was, by the way, SO MUCH EFFING FUN!!!!!!! i love the fieldston theater freaks!!!! :)

anyway now im really really really tired out, and my voice is killing me, so i think i should head to sleep...which is pretty annoying seeing as i have no school and nothign planned for tomoro, and i can sleep in as late as a please! oh well...layla tov.

current mood: tired

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4:28 pm
i feel like supreme crap right now. i feel sooooooooooooooooo disgusting. eating basically nothing all day yesterday and then drinking tons of sugary smirnoff ice and vodka and eating a massive amount of ice cream cake really late at night was SO not a good plan. and then not sleeping. very very very bad idea.
anyway now i feel disgusting and i have clare's senior theater dinner to go to. and i am quite miserable emotionally as well...and i think i know why. some of you know too, but im not going to go into it here. but for those of you who know why im down, im sure you can understand why im so confused, seeing as i got what i wanted, and nothing has changed, and its only been 4 days anyway...why should this be bothering me so much?
on another note, someone needs to prevent me from drunk dialing from now on. majorly embarassing.
and on yet another note, shabbos can be REALLY fun, when you do the right activities...wink wink...
ok time to shower and dance it up with Clare and J-Lam.

current mood: melancholy

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
4:06 pm - sunny days, sweeping the skies away...can you tell me how to get, how to get to sesame street?
God, but this day was more perfect than can be.

-overslept, but did not rush to get ready, instead took a long leisurely shower, put on my cute new skirt from the gap and a white tank top
-ambled to school with nothing but a small purse, arrived half an hour late to english and was greated with not a reprimand but a big smile and a brownie from Ms. Stoller, who was having a party to say goodbye to the seniors
-lay on the senior grass in the beautiful sunshine with marina, perri, and paul for an hour
-played kickball in the sunny sunny loveliness
-went back to the grass and lay there from 11-2:35, tank top pulled up over my stomach, skirt pulled up to my thighs, movie star sunglasses on, basking in the glow of having absoultely no responsibility
-ate homemade falafel for 20 minutes in swartwouts class, his form of a goodbye party
-walked home through the flowers and trees and sunshine and warm May breeze
-stopped by Riverdale Country and chatted with my long lost RCS homies
-took a long jog and a cool shower

if only life could always be this amazing...

current mood: giddy

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Monday, May 16th, 2005
3:57 pm - cambridge is the shizznit.
boston + amazing friends + sushi - alcahol + sexy talented college boys + homosexual refrgerators + jewlery making + curious george - interacting a lot with certain annoying people + shabbos - worrying about school work + brownie bowl + silent bus dance parties = a wonderful weekend.

current mood: bouncy

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
1:01 am
should i go up to boston this weekend?

-i get to see greg in a real play, one of my favorite plays actually, in a really funny role
-i get to go to college parties
-i get to hang out with my fave girls in a cool city

-i have to spend a fair amount of money
-i have to take a REALLY long gross bus ride all by myself
-i have to stay with people i dont know
-i would miss the dance concert and shul

desicions, desicions...

current mood: blah

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Sunday, May 8th, 2005
10:52 am - whats early? SANTA CLAUSE EARLY???
remind me to not smoke cigarettes in the future? yea, thanks...
to recap my weekend:
Friday after founders day, eileen, paul, perri, marina, laura, mailen, keithara, and hema and i went out to lunch. then they all went to mailens house to watch a movie, but i decided to spend a few hours alone browsing barns and noble, cuz i havent done that in a while and it can be really relaxing. After a while i took the subway uptown and emily called me to find out if people wanted to chill at Chris' after she and allison saw the show at Lag.
Around 10 i went to jessies house to try on outfits for Springfest, and we hung out and played with her neices and nephew for about an hour. At 11 we headed over to Chris' where he and some of his friends from his school were drinking 40's and watching tv. I brought some vodka and whisky with me, but we waited till around midnight for emily and allison. When they came we proceeded to get TOTALLY drunk. Chris put on the music and we danced and watched Grease 2 again, and tried to avoid being hit on by one of his weird friends.
It was all going really well until some really fucked up shit happened...the kind of shit that can only happen when ur drunk and not thinking rationally. Long story short, Danny and Rachel, his two friends that were going out, got into a big fight over the rediculous things that happened, and then chris and i got into a fight, where he freaked out and said he wasnt going to my prom, and i cried, and everyone was crying and fighting except for emily and allison, who were totally cracking up and being really silly. I was really upset and i wanted to leave, so allison and emily and i started to walk to em's house. But emily was sooooooo drunk, and lay down in the middle of the street and started rolling around, it was SOOO funny!!!!! when we got to emilys house, we ate cereal and chips and started to sober up. But then chris called em to tell us that Danny and Rachel had gotten into a fist fight and beaten each other up and rachel had to be rushed to the hospital cuz she had been knocked out!!!!! it was soooo scary.
In the morning, we lay around for a few hours and watched a tape of last years RRS revue...it was reallly entertaining. Then i walked home, and my massive hangover hit me when i walked into the house, so i took some tylenol and napped for a few hours. Then i went running and showered and started to get ready for the party.
As soon as shabbos ended, i found out from lisa that Rachel Weiss was sick, and we couldnt pregame at her house. So Robert, Allison, Chris, and Jessie and i poured vodka into water bottles and added a little apple juice and headed into the city where we met up with lisa and some of her junior friends. We went out to pizza and drank the stuff on the street, and at around 11:30 met up with kristen at the party.
The party was pretty good, and the fact that we were messed up made it even better. The DJ was awesome, and i was freakin crazy, i was so drunk. It was funny tho cuz all the people in my school think im like a goody goody jew, and it was kinda cool that they saw me grinding and drunk and hooking up. Jessie and Allison and Chris were all pretty drunk too, and we were dancing like crazy. After a while, they started to kick out non fieldston people, and being the nice friend i am, i left with the others. We hung around outside for a while, drunkenly complaining, and i wound up smoking, which is realllly bad, i cant do that, im a voice student. After a while tho, we just walked back into the party and no one kicked us out.
We partied and danced for a while, it was really great, and then we headed back to riverdale with kristen, and allison and jessie slept over, and we watched elimidate...best show EVER.
AAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY i have to get some work done, i have rehersal tonite, and i have to like, bring back my voice, all the drinking and smoking and screaming made me lose it...
god i love being a second semester senior!!!

current mood: drained

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Thursday, May 5th, 2005
7:28 am - peace I ask of thee, oh river...
I found this on the NEMC community livejournal and decided to post it in mine. for those of you not fortunate enough to go to NEMC, these words may be meaningless, but i cannot read them without feeling my heart fill with longing and my eyes fill with tears...NEMCers will understand...so here goes:

NEMC In A Nutshell
You ask what it's like and I say it's a giggle, a tear, a hug and a kiss. Curled in a whimpering rocking chair, it's a scorching cup of hot chocolate in your pjs in the fresh crispness of the frosty morning hour. It revolves around a bleak metal pole, surrounded with clusters of sleepy heads squinting in the brilliant sunlight. It's a hundred grilled cheeses, egg rolls, trips to the kitchen with a newly emptied tray. I say it's a jog on a steamy afternoon where you can hear only the moisture tapping heavily on your wearied shoulders. Scratchy sand between your toes on your polka-dotted flip flops it's a splash of shimmering icy lake water, sending a chill through your sizzling arms. It's an itchy green hill; we're gonna roll down it 'til we're so dizzy we can't separate sky from grass, gonna laugh 'til our sides ache so bad we can't laugh another giggle. It's a comfy arm around your shoulder under a trillion twinkling stars in the deep night sky, telling you that this is what it's all about. I say it's a sonata under the glowing moonlight, a waltz through the undulating darkness. Sitting on a dusty wooden floor, it's a gooey chocolate bar in the heart of the night, when all is silent but the beckoning of the loons. You say crazy, and I say it's wonderful.
-Emily Frank

current mood: nostalgic

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Friday, April 29th, 2005
3:11 pm
just wanted to let everyone know of the two extrememly amusing things i watched last night:

1) Grease 2. Amazing. Riveting. Brilliant lyrics. Oh yes. Go see it.
2) The April 1 Ben-as-Pseudolus performance of Forum. Now that, my friends, is a true work of art. If any of you RRS people have been wondering when did this whole ben-being-crazy thing start, just watch a tape of that show and you will remember...

current mood: amused

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