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oh man...why am i doing this...procrastination is so powerful...

in 2006 have you....

had more then 4 boyfriends/girlfriends?

been in love?
hmmm...i actually dont know...

been kissed?
oh yes

been injured?
i dont think so...

had a drunken night?
basically every weekend

made new friends?
so many.

lost any friends?
unfortunately yes...not due to death...just because people change.

dated someone you thought you had no chance with?
who really dates anymore, anyway

liked a song only because it was on your boyfriends/girlfriends myspace?
hahahaha boyfriend/girlfriend? myspace? i am not involved in such things.

made a myspace?
not in 2006, no

had your birthday?
no. i did not have a birthday in 2006.

went swimming?

traveled out of state?
hahaha im from new york, go to school in michigan, and spent my summer in africa. what do you think?

read any good books?
Omnivore's Dilemna. sooooooo good.

ditched a friend?

madeout with someone just so you can make someone else jealous?
hahahaha yes

threw up from drinking?
never in my life :)

got a new pet?
i hate animals.

experienced something new?
many many things

went sledding?
it hasnt gone below like 50 degrees. fucking global warming.

been chased by a stray animal?
an elephant got away from its family and stampeded at us this summer on safari

been called a whore while walking down the street?
yea, its how my friends greet me

been in a fist fight?

been in a verbal fight?

been in a spelling bee?
i live next to the brother of the girl who starred in spelling bee on broadway...

bought something for someone?
of course

changed as a person?
no. not at all. i have remained exactly the same for a year. dumbass.

has 2006 been a good year?
i dont know...i think so...

IN 2007.....

are you graduating?

going to make a new years resolution?

going to have a drunk night?
im sure

going to have sex?
i better

going to a different school?
nope, u of m all the way

going to move?
i dont know

going to make new friends?
lets hope so

going to keep your myspace?

going anywhere special?
nicaragua and nemc. and who knows where else.

going to party it up?

will 2007 be better then 2006?
i dont know...i hope so

35 one answers

1. Where is your cell phone?

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend?

3. Your hair?:

4. Your mother?:

5. Your father?:

6. Your favorite thing?:

7. Your dream last night?:

8. Your favorite drink?:

9. Your dream car?:

10. The room you are in?:

11. Your ex?

12. Your fear?:

13. What do you want to be in 10 years?:

14. Who did you hang out with last night?:

15. What you're not?

16. Muffins?

17: One of your wish list items?:

19. The last thing you did?

20. What are you wearing?:

21. Your tv?

22. Your pet?

23. Your computer?

24. Your life?:

25. Your mood?:

27. What are you thinking about right now?

28. Your car?:

29. Your work?:

30. Summer?:

31. Your relationship status?:

32. Your favorite color?:

33. When is the last time you laughed?:

34. Last time you cried?:

35. School?:

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I have not written in this thing, not even logged into my account, in over a year and a half. The last time i wrote, it was beginning of summer before freshman year of college. thats rediculous. i was just reading over all my old entries...spring break of 11th grade till summer before freshman year...and i just cannot beleive how much life has changed. my life then, filled with rrs, fieldston,shabbos, danny, riverdale friends...completely different now. obviously things change when you go away to college and start a new life. but still, its startling to really see how much things change. part of me misses those days of high school. as much as i love my life at U of M, i get so nostalgic for home, that i get really excited about break. but when i am home on break, its not like i am in a rrs show, or shomer shabbos, or going to fieldston, all things i LOVED about that time in my life. im just like...existing. and i hate hate HATE just existing. i guess im happy i head back to school in a week. back to music school, the band, a capella, operas, hillel, drinking, my appartment, my friends...

what would be really cool is if i could take some like...weird cosmic tour of all the places and experiances that have shaped me. spend one week on israel, one week in africa, one week in rrs, one week at fieldston, one week in merrily, one week with danny...and then see where my life is.

i have no idea if i will ever update again. but i thought it was worth doing right now.

Robert Cuciolli offered us beer on a rooftop...and then we were joined by the host of Trading Spaces

i seriously need to get some sleep. its 4 am and i just got home from my 9 hour bus ride back from seeing emily in sound of music in pittsburg. i am exausted and i have a voice lesson at 10 and then rehersal. but i needed to update just to state the following:

emily walton is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful, talented, wonderful, incredible, and truly special people i know. she deserves to go far in the world. and i have every confidence that she will. watching her in that show, we were sobbing at how happy and proud we were of her. we love you, emily.

oh and ps: Bob Cuciolli is the man. and so is Mark, the sexxy gay 25 year old nazi Rolf.
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so tonite after the senior dinner (oh man it was so sad i cried so much) i really wanted to go running, but i wasnt allowed to run so late at nigth alone, so i was calling people to go with me. no one wanted to go, but kalle wanted to go on a walk thru riverdale. so she and i met up on riverdale ave and poured vodka into our snapples and walked the streets, calling people, acting like retards, and TOTALLY risking getting raped. we then met up with david outside the skyview parking lot, and we chilled on on the pavement in the basketball courts for a while. then they walked me home, and i crept upstairs, trying to seem sober in case my parents woke up....all in all, quite a briliant nite. DRUNK RIVERDALE WALKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!
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ok i know these survey things are stupid, but this one looks intresting:

Name 20 of your friends, randomly.

1. allison
2. jessie
3. greg
4. emily w
5. chris
6. perri
7. kristen
8. marina
9. emily p
10. eileen
11. eric
12. max
13. carly
14. ben
15. sasha
16. talya
17. zoe
18. miriam
19. charlotte
20. berger

-Who is #8 going out with? No one
-Is #9 a boy or a girl? girl
-Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple? jessie and eric? could be cute...
-How about #18 and #4? miriam and emily walton? um, no...
-What grade is #17 in? finished 12th
-When was the last time you talked to #12? saturday night
-What is #6's favorite band? perri's favorite band...i dont know, anything that darrin's dance grooves did, haha

-Does #1 have any siblings? 1 sister, dana
-Would you ever date #3? if you had asked me that in 9th grade, the answer would have been yes.
-Would you ever date #7? oh man yea!!!!!! that would be HOT!!!

-Is #16 single? yea, and she bitches about it ALL THE TIME!!! hehe i love you tali
-What's #15's last name? anemone...or is it anenome? i get mixed up
-What's #10's middle name? i dont know...do u have one, eileen?

-What's #5's favorite thing to do? be mexican

-Is #13 hot? of course, shes my sexxy band ho
-Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? grrrrrrrrr...

-What school does #20 go to? fieldston, woot woot

-Tell me a random fact about #11? greg grabbed his crotch once on my couch
-And #3? he used to have a really thick new york accent

-Have you ever had a crush on #15? haha if only...
-What's #4's favorite color? i dont know...pink? black?

-Would you make out with #14? um. wow. you definately do NOT need to ask that question...

-Are #5 & #6 best friends? lol they only met once, at prom

-Does #7 like #20? never even met...but i can tell ya one thing, if they did meet, 20 would certainly like 7!!!

-Does #8 like #19? yup, they r good friends
-How did you meet #2? RRS!
-How did you meet #18? RRS as well

-Does #9 have any pets? ummm i dont think so, unless you count willy
-Is #12 older than you? yupp, by 3 years
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this shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Today was one of those days where you realize that there is a reason we are all alive. Today, life was absoultuely gorgeous.
from 10 am untill 2 pm, the entire group of RRS (with the exception of a few who had prior commitements and a few who were just lazy inconsiderate assholes) convened at the Y to have the fundraising carwash. it was one of the most insanely fun things i have ever taken part in. soap and sponge fights left and right, jake dumping buckets of water on the girls, soaping down cars to hip hop music, ah it was heaven. the sun was bright and hot and beat down on us, giving us instant tans.
At 2:30 when we finished, we all headed out to lunch and then to the Skyview Pool. this pool is incredible, huge and gorgous and outdoors, with a giant patio and cold sparkling water. we played around in the water and tanned some more. by the time we went to rehersal at 6, i had gotten SO MUCH SUN, i have the craziest tan lines ever!!! it took my 6 weeks of hiking in the desert in Israel to get the kind of tan i got today!!!!!!!!!
Rehersal was fun, though not so productive. I'm a little aprehensive about the revue, especially the fact that im going to be gone in michigan the 3 days leading up to it. Plus the week before the senior revue, im going to be so insanely busy with preparations for eli's wedding.
anyway, after rehersal, allison and jessie and ariel and i went out to sushi, and then jessie and ariel came over and we watched the tonys and i went running. and now im tired, so its bedtime.
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1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
2. I will then tell what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. If you were a fruit you'd be....
4. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I will tell you my first memory of you.
6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal.
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just got home from prom/post-prom festivities. exausted, content, and sad that my career in high school is truly over, im off to take a nap in the sunshine. an in depth prom recap post will follow at some point.
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there is no justice in this world.

prom is tomorrow.

i have the worst effing cramps in the history of humanity.

holy lord, kill me now.